NEWHANK Playmate

£327.54 £272.95 Ex vat

The Playmate is a compact 4u mixer. 6 line input pluds 2 x phono inputs and 3 microphone inputs. Stereo Zone outputs. Built in USB or SD Card media player.




  • Compact 4u low noise audio design
  • 4 Line control channels plus separate microphone section (Hi/Lo EQ)
  • 2 phono/line, 6 stereo Line and 3 microphone inputs
  • 3-band equaliser per channel (-30dB/+10dB)
  • Replaceable assignable crossfader
  • Stereo Master audio out on both RCA and balanced XLR
  • Stereo (variable) Zone and PFL Zone output
  • Master Panorama and Mono option
  • High Output Headphone amplifier with Split/Blend mixing control
  • Aux4 input on front (3.5mm mini jack for iPhone etc)
  • Extremely clean signal-to-noise ratio
  • The player section:
  • Select play from USB, SD (max 32GB) and Bluetooth
  • Plays both WAV and MP3 files
  • All, Single, Repeat and Random Play


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