FBT Drama Pack 1

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Complete PA and Multi Channel Mic System For Drama Studio
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The Drama Pack 1 is a complete audio solution for the bust drama studio.

2 x FBT J 12A:

The FBT J 12A active speakers offer exceptional audio, unrivalled reliability and incredible value for money. Made in Italy, the 12″ woofers is accompanied with a 1″ compression driver and is available in black or white variants.

2 x FBT BOX 112:

U shaped wall brackets for J 12A available in black or white variants.

1 x JTS R4 Wireless Receiver:

The JTS R4 is a quad channel wireless UHF receiver with rock solid RF performance – Exceptionally easy to set up and use.

4 x JTS R4 TBM:

Small, discrete and with excellent build quality, the R 4 TBM will give years of trouble free transmission. The all metal construction houses impressive engineering for first class reliability.

4 x StageCore SHM50 T4:

Extremely lightweight and comfortable, these head-worn microphones have taken the UK by storm by offering superb value for money whilst not sacrificing audio quality or reliability.

1 x JTS CS-8:

The JTS CS-8 is an 8 channel automatic mic mixer which can be used as a standard mixer or used in automatic mode to open up channels when there is signal present and close them when silent. This keeps feedback to a minimum and makes mixing a show Childs play.

1 x NewHank Checkmate

This media player from NewHank is able to play audio files from USB or SD card and also via Bluetooth connectivity making it the idea rehearsal or performance tool.


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